The TRICE Group Background

We at TRICE Group Limited are the leaders in skilled recruitment, corporate training, and manpower consulting in the MENA region. We work collaboratively with clients to offer strategic management and human capital development solutions. What makes us unique is our group of experts bringing in different specialisms, vast learning modules, and arrays of sessions, all suited for any stages of the work- life cycle. This makes us best equipped to serve the business needs of any of our clients irrespective of the hurdles they may face.

As the world of work continues to become more fluid and dynamic, we understand that people will still be at the core of your business making strategic manpower planning that much more essential. And so, we will work with you to develop, grow, and nurture the right workforce solutions.


We optimize human potential, increase productivity, and maximize the engagement of people by providing superior solutions for understanding, acquiring, developing and retaining talent.


A human-centric brand that inspires organisations to become more effective, efficient, and empowered to help future generations.