Welcome to TRICE Group Website

“Warm greetings and a pleasant welcome! On behalf of the board of directors, I would like to thank you for visiting The TRICE Group website!

This year is off to a great start for the TRICE Group. Over the course of the last couple of years, we at TRICE Group have been working hard to create a solid business foundation in the MENA region keeping you, and your manpower needs in our mind. In doing so we’ve had the great opportunity to work with numerous leaders and helped to solve their HR cube of a Rubik’s puzzle with great success. My mission now is to extend this trajectory into the future and turn the TRICE Group into a leading global company for all your HR needs.

The rapid economic rise of MENA and the socio-political transformation we are witnessing is reflective of this region’s importance and an area of increasing future and further development. I’ve had the pleasure of working on interactive sessions with clients in the MENA region and these sessions have helped bring insights that shape future policies, influence strategic priorities and inform decision making at an organisational level. We are enthusiastic about growth and have set our sights on a forward-looking, strategic outlook where we focus on priorities of culture, people, customers, environment, social and ethical issues.

Personally, and very important to me remains the priority that TRICE Group has always been rooted in solid values of charity and CSR. We are all excited to have been entrusted with this positive opportunity in the development programme to make a tangible difference and give back to the community.

There is a lot on the horizon and we remain fully committed to growing and strengthening our capabilities. And in turn, evolving the organisation going forward.”


Mehsen H. Al-Baity
Chairman and Co-Founder