TRICE can offer optimized and customized solutions according to your business needs, powered by our extensive knowledge in all areas of human capital management. We provide a solution that is adaptable and implementable with your current technology platform. With the effective use of HCM, it’s possible to measure the value of assets and consequently, their future value can be nurtured through investment. HCM makes it possible to build an effective workforce through communication, defined goals & objectives, and ongoing continuous improvement.

Key Features:

Staffing and Hiring

Finding the right candidate for each open position is crucial to the success of any business. With a human capital management system, our clients can improve the way they generate and maintain job descriptions, match desired skills and backgrounds with specific roles better, and more comprehensively review applications to evaluate candidates.

Training & Education

We are the pioneers in terms of designing and developing training materials which help new employees get up speed as quickly as possible. We also engage in induction sessions and on the job training. Existing training material can also be recycled to expand the skill-sets of existing employees, or to help current staff members acquire the knowledge they need to take on bigger roles and greater responsibilities.

Performance Evaluation Process

An integral part of any HCM system is the performance evaluation process. HCM allows the process to become far more open and collaborative. It includes features that facilitate feedback from both the staff member and their manager during the evaluation process which directly help them to bring their performance up to the levels required and acts as a great 360-degree evaluation tool.