TRICE prides forward thinking and growth; building your company’s talent will only help improve your organisation’s productivity levels. We recognize the need for a learning curve for each individual and can help you with the process.

Assessment Centres: Our assessment centres at TRICE recognize that training and development needs of employees are vital to delivering the organisational performance of core business operations and services.

Development Centres: Our development centre methodology champion’s unbridled thinking and constant upward progression. Plans are developed to retrieve insights on your employees’ areas of strengths, and areas of improvements, including mapping out the career trajectory.

Psychometric Tests


Our psychometric tests are designed to measure a candidate’s suitability and aptitude for the required role by understanding their cognitive and behavioral measures. This is an integral part of assessment as this allows to unearth hidden tendencies to the best match for the job at hand in a systematic and standardized way.

Full Day Workshops


We at TRICE host collaborative, social, and interactive workshops to reshape employee and manager communications to drive and align performance expectations with forward-looking dialogue. These may be on or off site, but inclusive of a range of activities and interaction based exercises which encourage active participation to boost morale and productivity.

Experiential Learning & Case Studies

TRICE experts also host seminars on case studies or experiential learning to encourage critical thinking and dialogue, promote ideas, and break away from the current mindset towards innovative ways of thinking.