TRICE is education forward. We believe learning is an integral part of progress and career growth. It marks an essential point in the betterment of any workforce. Our digital library has a vast collection of curated business books, video talks, articles, and economic reports. We provide our subscribed clients with 24*7 fingertip access to all materials through the E-library. This includes our extensive specialist collection of summary articles, and research by our leading publishing partners. In addition, clients can benefit from exclusive content and lectures by qualified experts and academic specialists. We aim to share the latest updates and insights to help keep business professionals abreast of current developments.

Key Features:

Universal Accessibility

TRICE clients with subscriptions will have access to articles on a multi-platform level with viewing and downloading abilities.

User-Friendly Interface

Simply designed for your convenience. Find short summaries and key takeaways for the complex topics you are looking for to get a quick understanding of the subject. For requests or articles you’d like to see, just add them to your “wish list” and you’ll get notifications and alerts when it’s available.

Enhanced Information Retrieval

Our advanced search engine and algorithm will help you find what you’re looking for by streamlining search results for the best match.

Learning Forum

Our forum acts as a learning amplifier where you can review thoughts from peers, introduce your own, ask questions, engage, and connect in an online social community thriving on differing perspectives.

The Range of Content

An extensive collection of digital archives and original material with the latest in the human resource and consulting arena at your disposal.

E-library features are available to subscribed clients only. Please contact our 24/7 customer service helpline with your details for further information about our subscription packages and other offers.      Contact Us