Our state of the art development center is equipped to handle the training and development needs of each stage of the executive levels. Our training sessions are followed by individually tailored feedback sessions with TRICE experts offering insightful guidance and next steps. Additionally, our coaching offer is geared at young to mid-level executives utilizing a process of one-on-one interactions to guide your workforce towards self-discovery, learning and determining their own “answers”.

We find that results are best when teams set their own “personal” goals, while we help them move forward at a suitable pace to achieve that vision.

Key Features:

High Performance Leadership

We offer executive coaching, organisational consulting, assessment surveys, communications training, and team building sessions throughout our development centres. Our training is geared towards executives, managers and high-level individual contributors.

Cost Effective

The coaching ideas also include the cost-benefit analysis also. Our target is to achieve quality cost-efficient results.

Strategic Leadership

As today’s businesses are surrounded by constant dynamic change, the need for effective senior-level strategic leaders, who can formulate, and execute business-wide strategies to produce desired results, is seen as critical to the very survival of the business. At TRICE, senior members are offered strategic leadership sessions by our team of qualified consultants.

Putting the Right People at Right Place

The reality is that few organisations take the necessary steps to ensure that their employees are well equipped to meet the ever-shifting needs of the market arena, which means that it’s likely they are not unlocking the full potential of their manpower. We at TRICE aim to unlock and unleash this by recognizing and developing these traits from a bottom-up level.