We also provide training packages tailored to your organisational needs be it for induction purposes or ongoing executive training – there is something for everyone. Our training modules are designed to stimulate unique thinking and involve knowledge sharing and transfer via industry experts. These modules help prepare your employees to progress on the career ladder and take up managerial or senior level positions. We also offer internship development schemes for the junior leadership or executive schemes creating touch points across all organisational levels.

Key Features:

Expert Seminars & Conferences

TRICE hosts and conduct seminars as well as conferences in the MENA region with respected thought leaders and qualified experts – and these are done in frequent intervals to ensure clients get sufficient quality time to get into the broader discussions of business models while at the same time developing & enhancing their necessary skill sets, with our unique training modules. We also strongly believe healthy interaction is a two-way street, and all sessions allow for open and creative exchange between our associates and clients.

Soft Skills

Markers of soft skills such as social cues, personality traits, and personal attributes are important when it comes to interactions and being able to engage well is a vital part of any successful conversation. Our consultants have devised exercises and techniques which can help you improve these skills for better, more focused conversations with your clients. These focus on work ethic, networking, creative thinking, teamwork, critical thinking, time management, conflict resolution, problem-solving and managing motivations.


Diversity Culture

The world is a melting pot which makes diversity training and awareness integral to any organisation. Our diversity training targets awareness and skill development over a period of time. We embody principles of perspective training and goal setting to help foster a healthy, sustainable, positive workforce culture through mutual respect.

Module Design

In addition to various types of training, our team of consultants create sophisticated modules designed by weaving together the latest learning & technological software to help you get solutions specific to your company needs.

In-House Academy

We partner with you to make it easy to extend external insights and examples to your workforce by offering a hands-on and practical approach to uplift skills. We recognize the different levels of needs and can create specific modules to target different audiences. We advocate broadening your horizon and offering an improvement platform, to generate ideas, brainstorming sessions, techniques for problem-solving. Having an in-house learning solution can help boost confidence and productivity of teams by encouraging participation and initiating new concepts. Ultimately, we train for the alignment of the strategic goals to achieve your company’s vision.

Online Learning

We also provide flexible solutions for those based abroad, in different offices, working part-time or simply wishing to advance while balancing other needs – with our state of the art, comprehensive online learning programme. Our faculties include a range of domains which are designed to offer an extensive breadth and knowledge in various subjects with dedicated slots for examination and accreditation. We also provide online learning options with international certifications from esteem-able corporations and associations.

Human Resources Trends

We bring you the latest innovations and keep you informed about the future. We delve into personalisation, matters of trust, the employee experience, the digital transformation, and how to best address the psychology of people. We experiment with technologies and solutions improving the learning curve of clients. Our state of the art human resource innovation labs host brainstorming workshops always keeping you in the loop on what’s next.


Our programmes can be endorsed by our certified assessors with an international entity providing the necessary learning hours and study material have been undertaken.